The #CHEMOSTART programme promotes three projects with innovative solutions for patients

Monday, December 18, 2017

The selected projects are an immunobiogram for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, a device for urinary incontinence and a non-invasive artificial pancreas for diabetes

Each project, depending on its characteristics, will receive mentoring and coaching, as well as funding and investment to develop the proposal

The ultimate aim of the #ChemoStart programme is to promote the creation of start-ups that revolutionise and improve people's health

Madrid, 18 December 2017- Three projects specialised in health and focussed on improving the lives of those affected by different diseases will receive support from Insud Pharma so that they can be developed.

BIOHOPE, an in vitro diagnostic test (immunobiogram) for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, presented by Francisco Tejera; BIRDI, a device to tackle urinary incontinence, led by Luis Carlos Fernández and MEDICSEN, a non-invasive artificial pancreas for treating diabetes, from Eduardo W. Jorgensen, are the projects selected by the #ChemoStart programme, which was created by the Group with the aim of promoting the creation of start-ups offering innovative health solutions.

In this first edition, the programme received more than twenty projects of a very high-quality and of a varied nature: e-health; predictive analytics, biosensors or genomic medicine, among others. On 28 November, a panel of top industry experts met to examine in detail and assess the business proposals of the seven entrepreneurs selected as finalists.

The panel comprises: Jorge Alemany, Manager of the Madrid office of Spherium Biomed; Agustín Macià, founder of Nuubo; Michael Tadros, Senior Manager at Fundación Botín; Sylvain Sachot, Investment Manager at Ysios; as well as Dr Hugo Sigman, Argentinian businessman and founder of Chemo Group and Mariano Sigman, founder of the Integrative Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Buenos Aires. Leandro Sigman, Chairman of Insud Pharma, was also present as the driving force behind the initiative.

Insud Pharma will provide the winning projects with mentoring and coaching from experts to promote their projects, as well as funding and investment, according to the characteristics and needs of each project.


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