The 3rd edition of the Chagas Challenge has begun, led by the athlete Chema Martínez

Monday, August 28, 2017

A new edition of the #ChagasChallenge, promoted by Mundo Sano and the multinational pharmaceutical company Chemo Group, has now begun. For the third time, this charity adventure will be supported by the athlete Chema Martinez, who will hang up her running shoes for a few days to cover the 750 kilometres that separate Madrid from the Portuguese capital by bike. 

Her only aim: to help raise awareness of Chagas Disease, a relatively unknown tropical, parasitic disease that nevertheless chronically affects almost 7 million people worldwide, with 55,000 of those affected living in Spain.

Lisbon is the final destination in this new edition of the #ChagasChallenge, an adventure whereby Chema Martinez, accompanied by a dozen brave amateur athletes, will cycle an average of 135 kilometres in each of the 5 legs that comprise the route. 

Pedalling 750 kilometres for charity 

With this challenge, Chema Martínez and her team will cross the peninsula, going through provinces such as Madrid, Toledo, Cáceres or Badajoz. They departed on Monday, 28 August from Alcobendas (Madrid), with the team heading towards Las Herencias (Toledo) in what will be the longest of the 5 legs, a total of 160 kilometres. The second leg, which is no easier, will cross Puerto de San Vicente, Guadalupe, Berzocana and Finca.

From Finca they will head to La Roca de la Sierra, going through Trujillo and Cáceres. They will then begin the fourth leg, 144 kilometres long, to reach Cano. Once in Portugal the final leg will take place, whereby these intrepid travellers, dedicated to this cause, will pedal with all their might until they reach Lisbon, the "City of Light".

How to help: by using the #ChagasChallenge hashtag. Help them to reach their final destination; you are the essential fuel.

Every time #ChagasChallenge is shared on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, the participants will obtain fuel to continue pedalling and thus be able to reach their goal. Without the sufficient number of hashtags, their bicycles will stop and they will not be able to continue their fight to stop Chagas in its tracks.

Each turn of the pedals counts, every kilometre covered will raise money for the fight against this disease until reaching the €100,000 that Chemo will donate to the Mundo Sano Foundation for its research projects and social intervention such as screening tests that help to identify those affected who could receive treatment once diagnosed. 

About Chagas disease

  • Chagas is one of the 20 diseases the World Health Organisation (WHO) lists as neglected.It affects almost 7 million people, with 1.5 million of those affected living in an endemic country, as in the case of Argentina. There are five means of transmission: vectorial (via the faeces of the Vinchuca bug), congenital (from mother to child, during pregnancy), via blood transfusions or organ transplants and very occasionally by ingesting food infected with the parasite T.Cruzi. In the case of a non-endemic country such as Spain, it is estimated that 55,000 people with the disease currently reside there, mostly immigrants from Latin America who were infected in their home countries.

About Chemo Group

  • CHEMO Group is a pharmaceutical multinational with a history spanning back over four decades and a commitment to preserve and improve the health and well-being of people. As a comprehensive health sciences group, CHEMO operates in all areas of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and it specialises in the research, development, manufacture, sale and marketing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and medicinal products for human and veterinary use . Chemo's operations are divided into three synergistic business areas: Industrial (Chemo), Brand (Exeltis) and Biotechnology (mAbxience).  The Group is present in over 40 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa and has more than 6,000 professionals, fifteen plants, 10 R&D centres and 33 affiliated pharmaceutical companies, which provide a service to over 1,150 clients in 96 countries across the world. 

Sobre Fundación Mundo Sano

  • It is an international charity that since 1993 has promoted prevention experiences and created conditions for improving the health of those exposed to neglected tropical diseases, which affect 1.5 billion people worldwide. This includes Chagas disease, which is originally from Latin America and is one of the most neglected. The vision of Mundo Sano is to improve equal access to healthcare, developing links and creating alliances with partners both from the public and private sector.